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Feature 2Design & Control

Tilting LCD Screen

Shoot at any angle with the 180 degree tilting LCD screen

A 3.0-inch 1.04M-dot 180 degree tilting LCD screen allows users to shoot from a wide variety of angles, such as low angles and high angles, and flipping the screen 180 degrees upwards is perfect for selfies. The FUJIFILM X70's wide-angle lens is ideal for high-quality self-portraits that include your surroundings too.

High Angle
Low Angle


Enjoy Simple Playback And Shooting With the First Touchscreen on an X-Series Camera

The FUJIFILM X70 is the first X-Series model to feature touchscreen control. When shooting, the touchscreen allows users to select a focus area and use Touch Shot to take a picture quickly. During playback, smartphone-style gestures can be used, including swipe, drag, pinch-zoom and double tap enlargement, offering a different experience to viewing images using buttons.

Focus on the right front of the subject with normal AF
Focus on the back-left of the subject with Touch Shot

Shooting Modes

·Focus Area Selection: Move the focus point to the chosen position by tapping the LCD monitor.
·Touch Shot: Touch to focus on a specific point, then take the picture.

Playback Modes

·Swipe Movement: Swiping a finger across the screen scrolls through the images, one after another.
·Double-Tap Enlargement*: Tapping the screen twice will enlarge the image, centering on the active focus point when the images was taken.
·Drag: Moving a finger across the screen when an image is enlarged will move it around the frame.
·Pinch out: Placing two fingers on the screen and widening the distance between them enlarges the image.
·Pinch in: While the image being displayed is enlarged, placing two fingers on the screen and narrowing the distance between them reduces the image size*.


Exposure control using dials and an aperture ring

Based around the trademark X-Series operating system, the small and lightweight FUJIFILM X70 offers intuitive operation with at-a-glance checking of important exposure settings. The lens features an aperture ring, while shutter speeds and exposure compensation are controlled by dials on the top plate. Apertures can be changed in 1/3 or 1 stop increments for precise control, while the dials are milled from aluminum for ease of use and a comfortable feel.

Aperture Ring
Shutter Speed Dial / Exposure Compensation Dial

Auto Mode Selector Lever

Selecting AUTO on the top plate Auto Mode Selector Lever switches the FUJIFILM X70 to Advanced SR Auto, where it automatically selects the optimal settings according to the scene. This delivers instant high-quality results with settings chosen based on 54 pre-programmed scenes.

Auto Mode Selector Lever
Auto Detection Scene Combination

Design Details

Compact and lightweight

Large handgrip

Luxurious appearance and texture

Features Super Intelligent Flash


  • · Sample photos are simulated images.
  • * Cannot be zoomed out further than the original image.

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